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Check this page for updates on new features and other product changes.

New design for Integrations area

This new design will help us with providing a better experience as some long waited integrations are delivered in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for some exciting news soon!
Integrations area

Idea form auto-saving

Whatever you write in the idea form will now be auto-saved, so if you go to a different page and then back to the form, everything you wrote will still be there.

New Import tools for comments, and upvotes

You can now import ideas, comments, and upvotes from any other tool.

For each import type, we have a template file that you can use as a reference. All templates are available to download from the Import area.

The new FeedBear Import Tool

Loading effects

Ideas will now display a nice loading effect while they are loading.

This is an improvement to the user experience, and we plan to incorporate similar effects in other areas soon.

New loading effect

Posting ideas on behalf of a customer

Adding ideas on behalf of your users can now be done directly from your board.

Admins will now see a field called "Author", where you can search for existing users or add a name and email.

This makes it a lot easier to add ideas shared by your customers through other sources to your FeedBear board.

Add idea on behalf of users

Add new ideas from Roadmap

You can now add ideas to your board directly from your Roadmap page.

The new author selection input also allows you to add ideas on behalf of users, so you can easily gather their ideas from other sources and add them to your boards.

Add ideas from Roadmap

Ideas Moderation

You can now moderate which ideas will be visible to users.

From the board settings, you can assign the "Not set" status for all new ideas and then hide that status from users, so only admins will be able to see them.

This is extremely useful for those that want to review the ideas provided by users before making them visible on the boards.


Improvements to Widget

We have performed some nice improvements to our widget, in order to make it more flexible and easier to use.

You no longer need to generate an SSO token to use the widget, you can now simply copy its code and paste it directly on your website. In this case, users will be asked to provide a name and email.

The documentation on how to use the widget has also been updated accordingly. You can find the documentation clicking here.

Make sure to give it a try and start asking your users to share their ideas with you!

FeedBear Widget

Email settings

You can now customize some aspects of email notifications that are sent to users, allowing you to better incorporate your company details on those messages as well as better manage any responses that are sent to those emails.

The "Email settings" can be found in your "Project Settings".
FeedBear Email Settings

Added unique IDs to HTML elements

We've added HTML IDs to most elements to help you styling your FeedBear board with custom CSS.

Hide the count of votes for ideas

You can now hide the count of votes for ideas in any of your idea boards.

This can be useful if you don't want people to be influenced by existing vote counts or if it's not information you'd like to display publicly. You can access this setting from "Board settings" for all of your boards.

Open the board, then Board Settings to enable this

You can now import ideas along with a custom status

Any custom status you used in a different system will be imported automatically.

Voter emails are now more visible to admins

You can hover on the name of a voter to see their email. You can also click on their name to open their profile and see their email address.

If you want to get name and email for all voters, you can click on the export button next to the list of voters.

Require users to login or register to vote

You can now require users to register or login to leave a vote i.e. you can prevent anonymous votes.

You'll find a setting for this under Project Settings / Feedback.

Feedback, comments and upvotes without accounts

We've improved the feedback form, as well as the login and registration processes, allowing users to leave their feedback without having to register for an account. You can now also login using a link sent to your email instead of providing a password.

Users can now upvote ideas and feedback without registering for an account.

These changes have the objective of making it easier for users to share their ideas and feedback

We added a "Not Now" status

This is useful for ideas you're not likely to implement anytime soon. Posts with this status won't show in the "Not Done" default filter for the board.

SSL for custom domains

We now provision and update SSL certificates automatically if you're using a custom domain.

UX and performance update

We updated FeedBear's design and overall experience to improve the productivity and happiness of those who use it – our valuable customers and their valuable users.

As FeedBear's features grew with our customers' needs, the navigation and other action elements became scattered through the workspace. To name a few problems – the search button was appearing only on certain pages, navbar items changed based on the current page. On the engineering side, there were many unnecessary or lazily used libraries that contributed to slow page loads.

Summary of the changes

  • Navigation: Persistent search bar
  • Navigation: All items in one row, until they fit
  • Navigation: Items are the same on every page (duh!)
  • Navigation: Added breadcrumbs to pages on depth level 2 and more
  • Navigation: Separated project switch from the user menu
  • Roadmap: Added feedback boards on the project homepage. This eliminates the previous "Where does your feedback fit the best?" page. Users can now jump directly to their board of interest.
  • Boards: Improved filter/sort bar, moved tags filter next to the others
  • Posts: URLs now contain a simplified version of the title. When the title changes, the URL also changes, but the old URLs keep working (redirecting to the current one). Old URLs with the ID still work.
  • Posts: Attachments can now be added by drag&drop or pasted from the clipboard
  • Posts: Attachments can now be added to the comments
  • Posts: Attachments show as a preview instead of the file name
  • Settings: Added email notification preferences to Personal settings
  • Changelog: Improved scheduling/saving as draft/publishing workflow
  • Changelog: Added default label color swatches in addition to the custom picker
  • Overall visual cleanup: Unified spacing, font sizes, colors, buttons, etc.
If you have any issues or ideas, as always, let me know at or press the chat button in the bottom right corner. There are a few more updates coming this year, so stay tuned!