Make Ideas Private (Visible Only to Admins)

We're excited to bring you a highly requested feature to help you manage feedback more effectively. You can now make ideas private, ensuring that only admins have access to them. 🤫
To make an idea private, simply head over to the idea from your board or roadmap and, from the right panel, click on the "Make Private" button.

Once enabled, the post will be hidden from regular users, ensuring that only admins with the right permissions can access it. Even the person who posted the idea won't be able to access it anymore.

You can now quickly remove an idea from public view (or from users in a private project), while keeping it accessible internally for your own team (yourself and other admin users).

Posts made private are now visibly marked by an icon wherever they are visible (feedback boards, roadmap or search results). You'll see them as an admin, but not your users.

You can now easily make a post private - visible only to you and other team members